03 September 2013, Tuesday, 13:53

Military-historical clubs of Bashkiria participate in reconstruction of the Borodino Battle

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Representatives of military-historical clubs "Ufa infantry regiment" and "1st Bashkir mounted regiment —"Lyubizar" take part in the All-Russia military-historical festival "The Day of Borodino". The traditional celebratory events dated to the anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, are held in Mozhaisk area of Moscow Region.

More than one thousand people are involved in the festival, among them representatives of 26 military-historical clubs, museum employees and reconstruction experts arrived from all over Russia.

Except military-historical reconstruction of episodes of the Borodino Battle on Parade-ground-theatre, the program also includes free of charge visiting of the Borodino Memorial, specially prepared excursions for schoolchildren, orthodox church services, a concert program of a brass band, opening of a memorial sign at Davidov’s manor.

Celebrating of the 201st anniversary of the great battle will last till September 8, the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports RB informs.