02 September 2013, Monday, 17:46

Prices for ready housing have grown by 3,7 percent in Ufa

author: Elvira Latypova

The average price per sq.m of ready housing makes 61,6 thousand rbl. in Ufa as of September 1. According to the information of "Expert" real-estate agency, prices have grown by 3,7 percent from the beginning of the year.

The average offer price of one-room apartment in the Ufa market of residential real estate is 65,4 thousand rbl. per sq.m, two-room — 59,8 thousand rbl. per sq.m, three-room — 59,5 thousand rbl.per sq.m, multiroom apartment — 59,6 thousand rbl. per sq.m.

The maximum average price for ready real estate in the city centre is marked at 77,1 thousand rbl. per square metre. Further October Avenue (65,5 thousand rbl. per sq.m), Zelenaya Roscha (65,4), Sipailovo (61,6), Inors (56,4), Dyoma (55,6), Chernikovka (55,3), Zaton (50,8), Shaksha (45,7) residential districts go in the descending order.

By information of "Expert" real-estate agency, 2628 apartments are put on sale in Ufa, including 162 elite apartments as of September 1. The average area of apartments on sale is 55 square metres. The average price is 3,37 million rbl.