30 August 2013, Friday, 15:18

Audit-manager can find a job from 120 thousand rbl. per month in Ufa

author: Galina Bakhshieva

According to Superjob.ru webportal, a job of an audit-manager starting from 120 thousand rbl. per month became the top offer of employers in Ufa in August, 2013.

A position of chief engineer-serviceman of electric equipment with 100 thousand rbl. per month is on the second line of Top-5 of the most attractive job offers in Ufa.

A production manager, a head of commercial projects and a director for logistics can apply for the salary at least 100 thousand rbl. in the Bashkir capital.

Meanwhile, in Chelyabinsk a post of investment-construction project manager is estimated now not more than 110 thousand rbl. In Samara applicants for a post of a branch director are offered salary starting from 110 thousand rbl.

In Yekaterinburg a post of a vice-president of bank board is estimated today as at least 200 thousand rbl. monthly. In Kazan a regional sales manager can figure on the same remuneration.

In St.-Petersburg a sales manager has a chance to find a job for 300 thousand rbl. per month.

According to the Superjob.ru rating, the highest salaries are traditionally offered in Moscow. Thus, a head of real estate agency can earn there up to half-million rbl. per month. A position of director for logistics, directors for legal issues and a sales manager is estimated from 350 thousand rbl. per month in the Russian capital.