30 August 2013, Friday, 10:32

UMPO will serve aircraft engines under the three-year contract of the Ministry of Defence RF with OAK

author: Elvira Latypova

The Ministry of Defence of Russia has concluded a three-year contract with United Aircraft Corporation (OAK) on service of aviation equipment for 80 billion rbl., the official OAK website  informs. It is one of the large-scale contracts of MAKS-2013 air salon in Zhukovsky.

As the UMPO press-service informs, various enterprises of the division will be involved in contract performance «Engines for fighting aviation» (DBA), including JSC "UMPO". According to association, the main amount of works under the terms of the first service contract between OAK and the Ministry of Defence falls on engines AL-31F, R195 and RD -33.

The "DBA" division which parent company is UMPO has presented engines AL-41F-1S, RD 33MK and AL-31FN at MAKS-2013 air salon.

The "DBA" division was formed in 2011. Its enterprises are provided with orders till 2020. According to the UMPO press-service, the consolidated gain of the division in the first half of the year 2013 made 28,1 billion rbl., that is by 50 percent exceeds a similar indicator of 2012. 16,2 billion rbl. from them constitute the UMPO’s gain.