28 August 2013, Wednesday, 13:45

Development of educational tourism in specially protected natural areas of Russia will be discussed in Khakassia

author: Galina Bakhshieva

From August 28 till August 30, the All-Russia meeting of directors of natural reserves and national parks, devoted to prospects of educational tourism development in specially protected natural areas of federal value will take place in the Republic of Khakassia.

Heads of 150 conservation areas, representatives of 30 public organisations, and also journalists, PR-technologies experts, IT developers and designers will participate in it.

The Bashkortostan delegation planning to take active part in work of the All-Russia meeting includes the director of "Bashkiria" national park Ildar Yakupov, the director of "Shulgan-Tash" natural reserve Michael Kosarev, the director of Bashkir state natural reserve Vasilya Yanybaeva and the director of South Ural state natural reserve Fanur Alibaev.

Significant changes in the system of natural reserves of the country became preconditions for carrying out of such scale meeting. According to representatives of Department of state policy and regulation in the sphere of environment preservation of the Ministry for Protection of the Environment RF, «reserves and national parks of Russia stand now on a threshold of a new epoch. The first transformations have already given positive results in counteraction to poaching, in development of educational tourism and introduction of innovative technologies».