27 August 2013, Tuesday, 17:11

«Lilac Planting» ecological action to be held in Ufa

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

On August 30, a signal for starting an ecological action on lilac planting in city streets will be given in Ufa. About 50 businessmen of the Soviet residential district of Ufa will become participants of the project. It is supposed that within September colleagues from other residential districts will join them. Individual businessmen will plant about 50 nursery plants near their houses and enterprises.

According to the deputy general director of the Ufa City Fund for Small Business Development and Support Olga Murzagulova, it is no coincidence that exactly lilac was chosen.

“Earlier lilac and lime-tree were the most popular in Ufa, and the present Ibragimov Parkway was called Lilac Parkway,” Olga Murzagulova said. “Therefore for many Ufa townspeople knowing cultural history of our capital «the Ufa lilac» is a symbolic word-combination.”