21 August 2013, Wednesday, 17:54

Stela for participants of Afghani war to be established in Burzyansky region

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

In Starosubhangulovo village of Burzyansky region it is planned to establish a stela to participants of war in Afghanistan. It was discussed at the meeting of veterans-Afghans with the chairman of «Bashkir Union of Military Operations Veterans» Timeryan Razhapov.

Participants spoke about a possibility to establish a stela in the village devoted to participants of the Afghani war. The project of the future monument already co-ordinated and confirmed with the local administration was offered. The monument executed from marble, will have a tulip form. On each side of a stone flower names of war participants will be written. The square in front of the regional administration is defined as a place for stela installation. Now there is a question concerning financial maintenance of the project. It is required about 150 thousand rbl. for its realization. It should be mentioned that 70 inhabitants of Burzyansky region did military service in Afghanistan.