20 August 2013, Tuesday, 11:56

It is required about 400 million rbl. for urgent restoration of roads and bridges in Abzelilovsky region

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

697 million rbl. are required for repair and restoration of bridges and roads in the Abzelilovsky region damaged during a high water due to long-lasting storm rains, from which 399 million rbl. are necessary for urgent repair of objects. The Deputy General Director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Bashkirdortransproekt" Andrey Fedin named such figures at an off-site discussion of prospects for highways construction and reconstruction in Bashkortostan till 2030, which took place in Verhniy Avzyan village of Beloretsky region.

In particular, as he said, it is necessary to build up anew 14 bridges for the sum of 315 million rbl. 77 million rbl. are required for repair of destroyed but recoverable bridges. Approximately 113 million rbl. will be spent for laying of pipes and road filling washed away by the flooding.

It should be mentioned that according to the Order of the Government of Russia, Bashkortostan will receive about 423 million rbl. on liquidation of consequences of the high water.