19 August 2013, Monday, 17:39

Damage from a summer high water has exceeded 207 million rbl. in Bashkiria

author: Galiya Nabieva

The amount of damage from flooding of settlements in Bashkortostan, on preliminary data, has made 207 million 800 thousand rbl., the EMERCOM of Russia informs. On the specified data, 37 settlements, 1094 personal land plots, 1094 apartment houses appeared in the flooding area where 3390 people lived. For today 170 inhabitants submitted applications on rendering them financial assistance for the damaged property.

In total there were 31 parts of roads, with length of 13,5 km, 14 bridges in the flooding zone. The total sum of payments to render help for suffered people and to cover damage of infrastructure objects makes more than 250 million 200 thousand rbl.

It should be mentioned that as a result of an unfavourable weather phenomena in the territory of Abzelilovsky and Beloretsky region on August 8-10 there was an emergency situation connected with flooding of settlements. At present rescue and recovery operations are finished in municipalities.

In Abzelilovsky region works on ballast stone supply proceed (3250 tons are delivered — 98 percent), on repairing of bridges (4 bridges — 45 percent are repaired), on repair of a roadbed (27 parts of 9280 linear metres — 98 percent). 65 people and 48 units of equipment are involved there.

Works of municipal commissions for estimating damage and drawing up inspection reports is organised.