19 August 2013, Monday, 15:08

Salavat is the most frequently used name in the names of organisations in Bashkiria — Yandex

author: Galiya Nabieva

The man's name Salavat is recognised as the most popular regional name in names of organisations in Bashkiria according to Yandex.Directory data. It is possible to assume that this popularity is connected with the name of the national Bahskir hero — Salavat Yulaev.

In Tatarstan Alan became the top name in the name of organisations, in the Samara Region — Lada, in the Perm Territory — Eve.

In Russia there are about six thousand organisations with names in their titles. Female names are used more often — in 75 percent of cases.

In Russia sonorous words with reassuring meaning enjoy the greatest popularity. The top three of the most widespread is: Victoria, Nika and Nadezhda (Hope).

According to «Popular Names in Russia» research, Elena, Olga and Natalie are the most frequently used names among Internet users. And Alex the most popular man's name, shortened from Alexander.