16 August 2013, Friday, 18:04

Farms of Bashkiria have received 92 million roubles on the pledge of grain

author: Galina Bakhshieva

92 million roubles on the pledge of grain were received by agricultural enterprises of Bashkortostan.

As the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs, the pledging mechanism proves its efficiency for the third year successively. Thus, if in 2011 it were used 250 million roubles, in 2012 — 350 million roubles, then for 2013 applications of farmers for already 540 million roubles were received.

As the agrarian department explains, so far the first tranche for 250 million roubles is co-ordinated, and the general credit line is opened to the State Unitary Enterprise "Bashagroproduct" for 650 million rbl. The rest of funds will be allocated after the corresponding decision of the Government of Bashkortostan.

It should be marked that this year, except grain crops, pledging operations will be conducted and concerning other agricultural products: sugar beet, sunflower and buckwheat.

In order to receive a loan, agricultural enterprises should submit a necessary package of documents and bring the grain to be pledged at the specially accredited elevators by "Bashagroproduct".

Farms receive ready cash on the pledge of the grain for carrying out seasonal works, acquisition of petroleum, oil and lubricants or mineral fertilizers. Thus they remain proprietors of the grain and can sell it in case of increase in market prices — under condition of obligations executions to the creditor. Till January 1, the grain is stored at grain elevators free of charge.