16 August 2013, Friday, 15:17

Member of Public Chamber RB: «Stable social well-being of Bashkiria is result of regional management work»

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

The Member of Public Chamber RB Sergey Gladkih considers that a high place of Bashkortostan in the rating of social well-being of regions of Russia — is result of the republican management work.

“I cannot say whether these indicators are objective in comparison with other subjects because I am not aware of the situation in other regions,” Sergey Gladkih underlined. “But our people are more likely satisfied than dissatisfied, it is obvious. It seems to me that under the leadership of the present President of Bashkortostan the community spirit has improved. And mainly not owing to any economic component, but due to the people’s attitude: more freedom appeared, the national policy became more balanced. At the expense of these factors the population feels more freely, confidently. It means that it will be fewer outflows of people from the region. People will work better.”

According to the public man, the community spirit should affect positively the region development. Sergey Gladkih specified that it concerned exactly the people’s attitude not the place in the rating.