14 August 2013, Wednesday, 16:02

Rains exercised a salutary influence over milk yield in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Shower rains were beneficial to forage crops and permanent grasses in Bashkortostan.

As the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB marks, the passed rains improved pasture grass growth considerably.

Besides, today everywhere a green forage chain is used as supplementary feeding for farm livestock. All this at once resulted in efficiency growth of livestock. At present on average 12,4 kg of milk are received daily from each cow. These are by 300 gram more than the similar indicator of the last year. In such areas as Aurgazinsky, Sterlitamaksky and Chekmagushevsky regions, not less than 15 kg of milk are received daily from each cow.

According to experts, the season of “big milk” is not missed yet. Therefore all farms of the region try to use it to the maximum before transferring cattle to winter stalling.