12 August 2013, Monday, 17:21

A book-reference index of natural resources of Bashkiria was published in Ufa

author: Alim Faizov

Information-bibliographic department of the republican A.Z. Validi National Library has prepared and published a reference index «Let’s preserve nature for our future generations», dated for the Year of Environment Protection in RB.

The purpose of the given index is to provide insight into reserves and variety of the world of nature, problems of ecological safety of Bashkortostan.

The book is prepared on the basis of the funds and reference aids of A.Z. Validi National Library. Names of books, collections, articles, magazines and newspapers in Bashkir, Russian and Tatar languages are included in it. The presented material covers a 50-year period from 1963 till 2013.

The edition is meant for high readership — regional ethnographers, students, pupils, it will be interesting to everybody who cares about the state of nature of their native land.

It is possible to familiarise with the index in the information-bibliographic department, the employee of the republican library Zagina Agzamova informs.