12 August 2013, Monday, 16:15

Tax customs applicants will pay in addition 450 million rbl. into the budget in Bashkiria

author: Elvira Latypova

15 241 declarations of personal income tax with tax surcharge into the budget are registered in Bashkortostan as of August 1. According to Bashkir Directorate of the Federal Tax Service, the general declared sum of tax surcharge makes about 450 million rbl. — by 29,9 million rbl. more than for the same period of 2012.

As a whole for seven months 212 423 declarations of personal income tax are submitted to territorial tax bodies of the republic.

Bashkir Directorate of the Federal Tax Service marks that the number of declarations increased where social tax deductions on charity expenses (in 1,5 times), on the sums of insurance payments paid under voluntary insurance contracts (in 1,3 times), on medical care expenses (in 1,2 times), on acquisition or construction of habitation (in 1,2 times) are declared. Less number of declarations on social tax deduction for education expenses (in 1,1 times) than in January-July, 2012 were submitted.