12 August 2013, Monday, 15:32

Pre-election canvassing in mass-media has begun in Bashkiria

author: Galiya Nabieva

A pre-election campaign of candidates to the State Assembly — Kurultay RB of the fifth convocation has begun in mass media, the republican Central Election Commission informs.

Free broadcasting time for canvassing is granted by two TV channels — "Bashkir satellite TV" (BST) and "Russia" (Russia-1), two radio channels — "Yuldash" and "Radio of Russia" in the territory of Bashkortostan Republic. Free printing area is granted in republican printed periodicals "Bashkortostan", "Bashkortostan Republic", "Kyzyl tan", "Yeshlek", "Molodezhnaya gazeta", "Omet", "Istoki", "Ural sassi", "Cholman", "Oshmes".

In total the republican Central Election Commission received notifications on participation in pre-election canvassing from 25 organisations of TV-radio broadcasting, 127 editions of periodicals publishing 146 newspapers in six languages of peoples of Bashkortostan. For the first time four Internet editions, including two network ones will take part in the campaign.

The Chairman of the Central Election Commission Haidar Valeev named the canvassing period as the most theoric stage of the election campaign where candidates and parties struggle for minds and hearts of voters. He urged candidates and political parties to be careful in words and images, to use the allocated broadcasting time and printing area for meaningful dialogue with voters.

The pre-election canvassing in mass media will last till September 6, inclusive.