12 August 2013, Monday, 12:36

A monument to Mustay Karim will be established in Ufa in the middle of September

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The monument installation to the national poet of Bashkortostan Mustay Karim in the square in front of the House of Trade Unions will be finished in the middle of September, the press-service of Ufa administration informs.

Here there will be a public garden with two fountains and flower beds, and modern illumination system. The paving stones and granite plates of different colours will be laid in the square.

The general height of a sculptural composition will make six metres, length — 15 metres. A figure of the poet confidently going forward will be embodied in bronze. Images of characters of the well-known Mustay Karim’s pieces will be depicted in the sculptural composition — «Do not drop fire, Prometheus!», "Salavat", «Long, long childhood» and many other things. The monument will located in the fountain’s bowl, on an inclined surface.

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