06 August 2013, Tuesday, 18:18

Triumphators of Surdlympic Games-2013 arrived in Ufa

author: Dmitry Slezin

At night from August 5 to 6, triumphators of Surdlympic Games-2013 finished in Sofia were solemnly welcomed at the Ufa airport.

The Russian national team has won 67 gold, 52 silver and 58 bronze medals in an informal team placing. Sportsmen repeated success of the last Games in 2009, which were held in Taipei.

The significant contribution to the Russian success was brought by Bashkir sportsmen: nine gold, five bronze and one silver medal.

The most part of gold awards was won by our judoists.

The Minister of Youth Policy and Sports of Bashkortostan Republic Andrey Ivanyuta was sincerely glad with such result:

“I met with sportsmen before their departure and all of us were cautious in forecasts, after all these are unpredictable competitions, both for spectators, and for athletes. We, as well as sportsmen, are happy with their results!” the Minister marked.