05 August 2013, Monday, 12:39

Forest fire hazard is predicted in the east of Bashkiria in August

author: Galina Bakhshieva

In Russia the preliminary forecast of forest fire hazard for August is made. It is developed by the Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service on the basis of the actual data of hydrometeorological conditions for July, data of the long-term forecast of temperatures and amount of precipitation for July, 2013, and also on the basis of results of the multidimensional correlation analysis.

As it is informed on the Federal Forestry Agency (Rosleshoz) website, the raised probability of excess average long-term values of forest fire conditions is predicted in Volga Federal District territory. In particular, forest fire hazard is predicted in the east of Bashkortostan and the Perm Territory, in the south of Tatarstan and the Kirov Region, and also in the central part of Udmurtiya Republic and in northern part of the Samara Region.