02 August 2013, Friday, 17:21

Mail Box Birthday is celebrated in Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

In Ufa, as well as worldwide, the day of the main postal symbol— a mail box is celebrated on August 2, the press-service of the Directorate of the Federal Post Service RB informs.

In Ufa the first mail box appeared in 1902 on the house of the governor in Frolovsky Street (nowadays Tukaev Street). The box was made of iron. Outside the box was painted in the green colour traditional then for the Russian post, on its shield a white post envelope was drawn. By 1904 there were already nineteen mail boxes in the city. They were in the city centre — near houses of large merchants and provincial establishments. During the post-war period Ufa has considerably grown, as the city structure included working settlements Deoma, Chernikovka and Shaksha, and also 53 more settlements. Now five hundred mail boxes are located in Ufa, and over five thousand in the region territory, the director of Bashkortostan Republic Federal Post Service Irek Galimov informed.