02 August 2013, Friday, 14:54

Four parliamentary parties will occupy the first lines in the ballot in Bashkiria

author: Galiya Nabieva

The first four lines in the ballot on elections to the State Assembly of Bashkortostan of the fifth convocation will be occupied by four parliamentary parties. Such are results of sortition, which took place in the republican Central Election Commission on August 2. The drawing of lots was spent according to the election legislation by random drawing of envelopes with numbers.

As a result the first place was drawn by the representative of regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. United Russia will be placed on the second line in the ballot. The third number was taken by «A Just Russia». LDPR will be the fourth in the list.

Further places were distributed as follows: "Russian ecological party "The Greens" — the 5th place, the “Russian party of people’s governance” — 6th, Civil Platform — 7th, Party of Social Solidarity — 8th, Patriots of Russia -9th, the Green Alliance – The People’s Party — 10th, the Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice — 11th, Born in the USSR — 12th place.

Registration of party lists by the Central Election Commission RB was finished on August 31. 12 regional branches of parties passed it.