02 August 2013, Friday, 14:07

Bashkortostan farmers have concluded contracts on delivery of 23 combines at a discount

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Due to the federal program on subsidising agricultural machinery manufacturers, farmers of Bashkortostan have concluded at present 17 contracts on delivery of 23 combine harvesters manufactured by LLC "KZ" Rostselmash", "Kirovets" К-744Р2 tractor manufactured by Petersburg Tractor Factory and three disk heeders BDM 3х4 LLC manufactured by BDM-AGRO.

As the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs, the rest of funds accounted for the share of agricultural machinery manufacturers in Bashkortostan, makes now 61,8 million rbl.

According to the procedure of payments the total volume of subsidies given to manufacturers for selling machinery to Bashkortostan farmers is defined in the sum of 75,5 million rbl.

The maximum sum of subsidies makes 1,2 million rbl. for combine harvesters with engine power over 399 h.p., for tractors and fodder harvesting combines — no more than 1 million rbl., for  other type of equipment – no more than 900  thousand rbl.

The full information on the registered manufacturers of machinery — participants of the program is placed on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.