01 August 2013, Thursday, 15:03

Average cost of finished habitation in Ufa is 60,9 thousand rbl. per sq.m

author: Elvira Latypova

60,9 thousand rbl. per sq.m is an average cost of finished habitation in Ufa as of August 1. By data of "Expert" real estate agency, prices in this segment decreased a little in July — by 0,8 percent. From the beginning of the year growth by 1,7 percent is marked.

According to "Expert" real estate agency, 0,8 percent of all dwelling stock of apartment houses are put on sale. The average area of sold apartment is 55 square metres, the average price of offer — 3,38 million rbl.

Prices in the city considerably fluctuate depending on location of sold objects. The highest prices are in the city business centre: 67,14 thousand rbl. per sq.m. Zelenaya Roscha district lags behind a little at the price of 65,1 thousand rbl. Further in a descending order October Avenue goes (62), then Sipailovo (61,15), Deoma (57,4), Inors (55,6), Chernikovka (53,4), Zaton (49), and Shaksha (43,7).

Leaders on quantity of apartments put on sale are October Avenue (656 offers), Chernikovka (584) and Zelenaya Roscha (542) districts.