01 August 2013, Thursday, 14:36

12 political parties will take part in Bashkortostan parliamentary elections on uniform district

author: Galiya Nabieva

The Central Election Commission of Bashkortostan has finished registration of lists of candidates to the State Assembly — Kurultay RB of the fifth convocation on the uniform district nominated by political parties.

The day before the Commission registered lists of candidates of regional branches "Russian ecological party "The Greens", "Born in the USSR", "Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice". Thus, regional branches of 12 political parties will take part in elections of deputies to the Bashkir Parliament.

“The important stage of election campaign has come to the end. Lists of candidates of all 12 political parties which expressed desire to participate in elections on uniform republican district are registered,” the chairman of Central Election Commission RB Haidar Valeev underlined.

Besides, CEC has confirmed a procedure and terms of carrying out of sortition for placing names and emblems of election associations in the ballot on uniform republican district for voting at elections of deputies to the State Assembly. Also Yuriy Belyakov nominee as a member of CEC RB in an advisory capacity appointed by republican branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is confirmed.