31 July 2013, Wednesday, 19:23

Bashkiria CEC has registered 382 candidates for parliamentary elections on single-member constituencies

author: Galiya Nabieva

On elections of deputies to the State Assembly — Kurultay RB of the fifth convocation 382 candidates are registered on single-member constituencies.

In total for today 444 people were nominated, the Central Election Commission RB informs.

50 candidates of "United Russia", 37 — the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, 49 — LDPR, 51 — "A Just Russia", 50 — "Patriots of Russia", 2 — "Yabloko", 3 — RPR-PARNAS, 24 — "Green  Alliance — The People’s Party", 14 — "Parties of Veterans of Russia", 15 — "The Russian party of National Management", 71 — other political parties, and also 16 self-nominated candidates are registered.

On uniform election district the Central Election Commission RB registered lists of candidates of regional branches of nine political parties — Bashkortostan regional branch of "United Russia" (135 candidates), regional branch of political party «Patriots of Russia» (113), regional branch of "The Russian party of National Management" (137), regional branch of "Green  Alliance — The People’s Party" (100) and regional branch of "A Just Russia" (109), regional branch of LDPR (112), regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (103), regional branch of "Party of Social Solidarity" (101), regional branch of  "Civil Platform" (112). In total 12 of 19 political parties participating in parliamentary elections submitted their lists of candidates.