31 July 2013, Wednesday, 19:07

Bashinform News Agency heads Top-20 of the most quoted mass-media of Bashkortostan

author: Alik Shakirov

“Medialogy” Company has summed up Bashkortostan media resources rating for the second quarter 2013. Top-20 of the most quoted mass-media of republic, as well as in the first quarter, is headed by Bashinform News Agency with 46,17 citation index (CI). The second line of the rating is occupied by the Bashkir Satellite TV (CI — 28,77) which improved its positions in the second quarter by six points. The "Bashkortostan Republic" newspaper has risen by the same number of points (5,62) in the second quarter, having taken as a result the fifth place, after Internet editions Proufu.ru and Ufa1.ru. But TV and Radio Broadcasting Company "Bashkortostan" in the second quarter has lost five points and took only the eighth place, below the "Komsomolskaya Pravda — Ufa" newspaper.

The Top-20 of the most quoted mass-media of Bashkortostan includes also i-gazeta.com, founded by Bashinform News Agency. Though it has only the modest 16 place, thus it leaves behind such reputable edition as «Kommersant — Bashkortostan» newspaper and also Internet resources Ufatime.ru, U7a.ru, Resbash.ru.

The rating is formed on the basis of mass-media system by "Medialogy" including about 13 000 most influential sources: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, news agencies, the Internet media. The survey period is:  April 1 — June 30, 2013.