30 July 2013, Tuesday, 14:23

Pension Fund of Bashkiria issued more than 160 thousand maternity capital certificates

author: Galiya Nabieva

In Bashkortostan the number of issued certificates on maternity (family) capital has exceeded 160 thousand, from them 14 thousand are given out from the beginning of the current year. As the regional pension department informs, the maternity capital helped to improve living conditions of more than 91 000 families of the republic.

More often certificate funds are used for repayment of housing credits and loans: more than 64 thousand families of the republic partially or completely paid housing credits by means of the maternity capital. The Pension Fund local departments directed for these purposes more than 20,5 billion roubles.

“27 725 applications on improvement of living conditions without attraction of credit funds are received by the Pension Fund, and 7,4 billion roubles are already transferred on these purposes,”  the member of the Board of the Pension Fund of Russia, the managing director on Bashkortostan Republic Foat Hantimerov said. “1 764 applications for education of children are received on which 62,5 million roubles are transferred. 60 women directed 5,5 million roubles from their maternity capital for the funded part of their future pension.”