29 July 2013, Monday, 15:40

Nominal salaries will grow by 11,5 percent due to increase of minimum wage rate to 5,554 thousand rbl.

author: Elvira Latypova

Increase of minimum wage rate since January 1, 2014 to 5,554 thousand rbl. will lead to growth of nominal salaries in Russia by 11,5 percent, mass-media inform referring to the Deputy Minister of Labour of the Russian Federation Luboth Eltsova. Prospects of increase in minimum wage rate were discussed at the session of the Russian tripartite commission on sociolabour relations regulation.

Earlier the Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation suggested increasing the minimum wage rate by 6,7 percent since January 1, 2014 — from 5,205 thousand roubles to 5,554 thousand roubles.

“By our estimation, as a whole this increase will concern 1,3 million people,” RIA Novosti quotes Eltsova. From this quantity of workers about half are occupied in the public sector of economy.

According to the Deputy Minister of Labour RF, increase of the minimum wage rate will request additional expenses in the sum of 640 million roubles from budgets of all levels.