12 July 2013, Friday, 17:25

Temperature decrease and more rains are expected in the end of July

author: Elvira Latypova

In the second decade of July heat wave up to 30-35C is expected. The prevailing temperature will be 24-29 C, Tatyana Vlasova, the chief of department of agricultural meteorology of the Bashkir Hydrometeorological Agency informed at the meeting in Government RB on Thursday.

Intermittent rains with squally wind are expected. As a whole the weather pattern will be mainly anticyclonic.

In the end of the month a probability of precipitation will increase, and daily average temperature will decrease.

Forecasters predict August weather close to normal.

“16,5C it is normal to Bashkiria in August,” Tatyana Vlasova said. “It will be quite usual August, with precipitation deficit. And we expect the same precipitation deficit, especially in the south of the republic in September.