10 July 2013, Wednesday, 13:26

The largest in Baltic Grindex Pharmaceutical Company will open its manufacture in Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

In the near future the chairman of council of Grindex company Kirov Lipman plans to expand manufacture and expressed his intention to open a manufacture in Ufa, the Deputy Prime-Minister of the Government of Bashkortostan republic Dmitry Sharonov informed.

“For the last eight years production volume has grown by 10-12 times — an impressive tendency for a pharmaceutical industry,” Dmitry Sharonov marked. “Ufa is attractive for Grindex also with its good transport structure, and, certainly, the market.”

Now JSC Grindex is the leading pharmaceutical enterprise of the Baltic States. Key focus areas of the company are: research, development, manufacture and sale of original medicines, unpatented medicines and active pharmaceutical agents.

Grindex specializes in medicines for cardiovascular system, antineoplastic medicines and medicines influencing the central nervous system. Grindex concern includes four branches in Latvia, Estonia and Russia. The company’s representation offices work in 11 countries. Production is exported to 55 countries of the world. The main markets of the company are in the Baltic States, Russia and other CIS countries, and also in Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and the USA.