04 July 2013, Thursday, 15:21

Economic amnesty in Russia will concern approximately 10 thousand persons — Pavel Krasheninnikov

author: Elvira Latypova

On July 4, the Decree of the State Duma of the Russian Federation «On the amnesty announcement» comes into force.

In final revision the document was accepted by the lower chamber of parliament on July 2. The procedure of its application is confirmed also. Persons held criminally liable for the first time or for the first time condemned for economic crimes are released from punishment serving. It does not concern punishments in the form of deprivation of right to occupy certain posts or to be engaged in certain activity.

As the head of Committee of the State Duma for Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov told Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russian Newspaper), amnesty will concern approximately 10 thousand persons. Complainants will benefit also from the economic amnesty, the head of the Duma Committee considers: prior to going at large, the condemned should compensate for damages inflicted by them to individuals and legal bodies according to the amnesty terms.