03 July 2013, Wednesday, 10:14

Minimum living wage for the first quarter is 7095 rbl. in Russia

author: Elvira Latypova

In Russia the living wage for the first quarter 2013 is defined by the governmental order of the Russian Federation in the sum of 7095 rbl. — by 5,8 percent more than in the fourth quarter 2012.

The living wage is established for able-bodied population at the level of 7633 roubles, for pensioners — 5828 rbl., for children — 6859 rbl. Compared to the fourth quarter 2012, the sums have grown, accordingly, by 5,1, 10,4 and 6,6 percent. The price index for the same period amounted to 101,9 percent.

The sums are calculated according to the Federal law «On minimum living wage in the Russian Federation». This value is established for estimation of a living standard of the population when working out federal social programs, defining minimum monthly wage, sums of allowances and other social payments.