02 July 2013, Tuesday, 16:44

Number of applications for state-subsidized education at Bashkir State University has exceeded 4 thousand

author: Elmira Sabirova

More than 4 thousand applications were submitted for intramural state-subsidized education at Bashkir State University.

As the University press centre informs, still leaders on quantity of the submitted applications are Physics and Technology Institute (645 applications), Engineering Faculty (576) and Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies (468). There are also a lot of entrants wishing to study at Philosophy and Sociology Faculty (418 applications), Chemistry (336) and Biology (309) Faculties.

Top-10 of popular departments is as follows at present: sociology, quality management, chemistry, jurisprudence, applied mathematics and computer science, technological machinery and equipment, information and communication technologies and communication systems fundamental and applied chemistry, physics and applied computer science.

The biggest competition is observed in the following directions: "sociology" (15,9 persons per place), "economics" (10,7), "quality management" (9,3), "psychology" (8,4), "jurisprudence" (8), "linguistics" (7,6).

In comparison total 2600 applications were submitted for fee-based intramural education at the University.