28 June 2013, Friday, 18:03

Presumably 229 graduates will remain without school-leaving certificates in Bashkiria

author: Elmira Sabirova

This year 229 graduates presumably will not receive school-leaving certificates in Bashkiria. Among them there are those who could not manage to get the necessary minimum of points at Uniform State Exam (EGE) in obligatory subjects — the Russian language and Mathematics, and also those who  committed violations during EGE taking. Basically it relates to using mobile phones and uploading examination tests on the Internet. Their results of examinations were cancelled by decision of the State Examination Board, the Ministry of Education RB informs.

However, these data will be specified. As the spokeswoman to the Ministry of Education RB Zhanna Minikeeva explains, on July 1, appeals on the Russian and Mathematics exams will take place, which were taken by graduates during the additional days. After this procedure it will be possible to sum up the adjusted total.

It should be marked that in 2012 statements instead of school-leaving certificates were received by 296 persons.

As to maximum 100 points receivers here the situation is as follows: this year 100 points in different subjects were get by 53 persons. In 2012 there were 25 such graduates.