28 June 2013, Friday, 17:44

Irshat Fakhritdinov has met with delegation of USATU students

author: Galiya Nabieva

Students of Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) doing an internship in the Federation Council had an excursion over the State Duma. The future members of the parliament were warmly welcomed by the deputy from Bashkortostan Irshat Fakhritdinov.

The excursion over the old and new buildings of the State Duma was organised for students. Besides they acquainted with work of fractions. While visiting offices of LDPR fraction students managed to meet and to make photos with Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Irina Grishina, the deputy chief of staff of United Russia fraction met with the students at the assembly hall. She checked knowledge of the future managers and told about work in the State Duma.

The meeting with Irshat Fakhritdinov was at the end of the excursion. It took place in friendly, informal atmosphere. The deputy told about procedures and features of work, shared his personal observations.

At parting Irshat Fakhritdinov handed over to students badges and memorable gifts.