27 June 2013, Thursday, 17:59

Forage conservation should be accelerated in Bashkiria – the Ministry of Agriculture RB

author: Elvira Latypova

It was said about necessity to accelerate forage preparation in Bashkortostan at video selector meeting in the republican Ministry of Agriculture.

“Rates of forage conservation are not satisfactory,” the Acting Minister of Agriculture Azat Ziganshin said.  “Preparation of hay and haylage is not conducted well in all regions. If over the republic 27 percent of hay are made, and in separate areas — up to 50 percent of hay, then even 10 percent level is not reached in Askinsky, Beloretsky, Burzyansky, Zilairsky, Kiginsky, Haibullinsky regions. The same situation is with haylage preparation.”

According to the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB, this year it is supposed to prepare 730 thousand tons of hay and 2,12 million tons of haylage for needs of cattle breeding. As of June 26, 27 and 18 percent of the plan are executed, accordingly. Forage is prepared at the rate of four centners of feed units per nominal head of cattle.

As the Deputy Minister of Agriculture RB Vladimir Neznanov informed, the most amount of hay was prepared in Kuyurgazinsky (9,8 thousand tons), Chekmagushevsky (9,5), Meleuzovsky (7,4) and Sterlitamaksky (7,2) regions, haylage — in Dyurtyulinsky (29 thousand tons), Chekmagushevsky (23,1), Karmaskalinsky (19,6) and Sterlitamaksky (19,4) regions.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture RB, plant formation is good in all regions. The reason of unsatisfactory rates is in «misallocation of equipment during mowing-time».