27 June 2013, Thursday, 10:37

Investment strategy of Ufa is confirmed for 2013-2018

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Investment strategy of Ufa for 2013-2018 is confirmed today at the session of City Council which was spent by its chairman Evgeniy Semivelichenko.

As the deputy head of Ufa administration on investments Ildar Khasanov informs, the given document describes purposes and tasks of investment development. Realisation of the accepted strategy should raise appeal of the city. According to Ildar Khasanov, recently the volume of investments per capita has grown in Ufa. However, among million cities of the neighbouring regions Ufa takes the sixth place on the given indicator so far. But now, when the strategy is defined, the city should reach the third position during five years, the deputy head of the city administration considers.

Also questions relating to collection, disposal, recycling and processing of household and industrial wastes, realisation and application of land-use and city development recommendations were discussed at the City Council session. A provision on municipal housing control in the territory of Ufa was confirmed. Deputies have considered 18 issues altogether.