26 June 2013, Wednesday, 10:08

Aerial railway will connect Glumilino and Sipailovo districts in Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

These days prospects of an aerial railway construction project in Ufa were discussed with representatives of one of the Swiss companies in the capital administration.

For million city of Ufa it will be the first experience of a transport corridor organization passing over the city.

After the end of construction of the first part of the aerial railway it will be possibly extended towards northern suburbs of the city, spokesmen for the capital administration specified.

“Construction will be held in two stages. Environmentally safe and noiseless transport has a very big carrying capacity. It will be possible to get from initial to the final point of the route only for 30 minutes. The estimated cost of the first stage of the aerial railway construction makes 350 million rbl.”, the first deputy head of city administration Alexander Filippov informed.