25 June 2013, Tuesday, 12:35

ICANN has approved «.moscow» and «.tatar» top level domains

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The international non-profit corporation ICANN regulating names space of the Internet, has approved the application by the of Fund for Assistance of Technologies and Internet Infrastructure Development on registration of the top level domain «.moscow», and the application by coordination centre of the regional domain of Tatarstan on the «.tatar» domain, the business electronic newspaper of Tatarstan "Business online" informs.

It follows from the application that representatives of Tatar communities from all over the world will be able to register domains in this zone. Now there are about 8 million Tatars in the world, 5,5 million from which live in Russia.

Experts consider that occurrence of new domains of the top level can affect popularity of domain names in zones «.ru» and ".rf" and popularity of these zones will decrease. However spokesmen of the coordination centre of the national domain which is responsible for domains in «.ru» and ".rf" zones, consider the situation more optimistically.