19 June 2013, Wednesday, 16:25

Bashkir runner Gulshat Fazlitdinova became the champion of Russia in 10 000 m race

author: Alim Faizov

In the Championship of Russia young Bashkir runner from Beloretsk, the alumnus of the deserved coaches of Russia Evgeniy and Tatyana Senchenko, Gulshat Fazlitdinova has set up a record of Russia among youth in 10 000 m race, the administration of Beloretsky region informs.

The Championship took place in the frameworks of track and field athletics tournament «Moscow Challenge» on the Big Sports Arena in Luzniki. These competitions became a kind of a test prior to the World Track and Field Athletics Championship 2013 which will be held in Moscow on August 10-18.

The result of Gulshat Fazlitdinova is 32:01.83. Natalia Puchkova became the silver winner with 32:02.67 time, Alina Prokopeva took the bronze with 32:02.92.