19 June 2013, Wednesday, 15:05

Divers have spent a volunteer clean-up at the bottom of Yakty-Kuhl Lake

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

In Abzelilovsky region within the limits of the Year of Environment Protection declared in Bashkortostan an action on clearing from waste the bottom of Yakty-Kuhl Lake took place, initiated by the head of Tashbulatovsky rural settlement Salavat Nafikov together with diving fans from Magnitogorsk club «Underwater parachute».

“Annually divers sink on the bottom of this lake, at the same time cleaning-up from waste is spent,”  Edward Yakushev, one of organizers said. “It is training and work and rest or us.”

Eight divers examined a large area of the lake which was a favourite recreation place. It was collected two tractor carts of waste from the lakeshore and bottom: cans, broken glass bottles, automobile tyres, rubber, plastic. Employees of rural settlement administration organised catering for divers, provided transport for removal of refuse.

The agreement is reached with participants of the volunteer clean-up on clearing the bottoms of two more lakes located in the territory of Tashbulatovsky settlement.