19 June 2013, Wednesday, 10:30

Estonian Bashkirs have celebrated birthday of Salavat Yulaev

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

The birthday of Salavat Yulaev was celebrated in the Estonian city of Paldiski. The holiday «Salavat Ynyny» is spent not for the first year on the Estonian land. Days of Salavat become more and more popular and are a basis for patriotic education of youth, strengthening of friendship between the peoples.

Every year the Bashkir cultural society "Agidel" organises a trip to the city of Paldiski, which is located in 45 km from Tallinn. Flowers are laid to the monument of Salavat. People recollect a biography of the Bashkir national hero and chronology of events of the Peasants' War.

The active member of the Tallinn Bashkir society "Agidel", the native of Ishimbay Haidar Fazliyahmetov read surahs from Koran in honour of Salavat Yulaev and other convicts-Moslems. "Uralym" melody was executed on kurai at the monument.