18 June 2013, Tuesday, 17:13

Members of Bashkiria parliament stimulate use of gas fuel by decreasing the transport tax

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

In order to expand natural gas usage as motor fuel, members of parliament of Bashkortostan have developed the draft law «On amendments to Article 3 of the law of Bashkortostan Republic «On transport tax», assuming decrease in the transport tax for vehicles using natural gas as fuel. The legislative initiative is developed in connection with the order of the Government of Russia and meant for the period from January 1, 2014 till 2020. Privileges at the rate of 20 percent from current rates of the transport tax are provided for the organisations carrying out transportation of passengers and luggage on regular bus routes and organisations owning lorries. The tax privilege will also concern individuals who use gas as fuel for their cars.

Lev Bakusov, the Chairman of the Committee for Budget, Taxes, Finance and Property Issues of the State Assembly RB marked that attempts to realise idea of converting cars on gas fuel were undertaken in Russia repeatedly.

“The Government of Russia considers this question not for the first time,” Lev Bakusov said. “Attempts to convert cars on gas fuel were undertaken in 60-70-es. As a whole the offer is good, but requires special attention.”