18 June 2013, Tuesday, 14:31

All forest fires are liquidated in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakhshieva

For today there are no forest fires in the territory of forest fund of Bashkortostan, the press-service of the Ministry of Forestry RB informs.

It should be mentioned that from June 14 till June 16, it was revealed seven forest fires in the region which total area made about 9 hectares. Forests blazed in Avzyansky, Burzyansky, Dyurtyulinsky and Tuimazinsky forest areas. At present all ignitions are liquidated.

“In total in the territory of the republican forest fund 18 forest fires are registered from the beginning of the fire-hazardous season-2013. Three of them occurred because of careless handling with fire, five — from lightning discharges. The causes of occurrence of other 10 fires are now found out,” the head of the press-service of the Ministry of Forestry RB Aibulat Gainullin said.  “The total area of forests which were covered by fire made 49 hectares. 428 persons and 125 units of equipment were engaged in suppression of forest fires.

The supervisory control centre of the Ministry of Forestry of Bashkortostan works round-the-clock.