17 June 2013, Monday, 17:17

1,988 million people in Bashkiria are economically active

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Following the results of survey spent by statistics bodies in February-April, 2013, number of economically active population of Bashkortostan made 1,988 million people.

From them more than 1,855 million people are occupied with work activities, about 133 thousand are unemployed.

One year ago more than 2,041 million economically active people were in the republic. About 1,918 million from them had jobs; others or nearly 124 thousand people did not work anywhere.

As the press-service of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection RB informs, the level of general unemployment in February — April, 2013 made 6,1 percent in Bashkortostan. As a whole across Russia it amounted to 5,7 percent, in Volga Federal District to 5,2 percent. One year ago this indicator equaled 6,1; 5,5 and 5,3 percent, accordingly.