10 June 2013, Monday, 13:12

Foreign trade turnover of Bashkiria grew by 16,2 percent in January-April — customs

author: Elvira Latypova

The republic foreign trade turnover, according to the Bashkortostan customs, made 906,9 million dollars in January-April. It is by 16,2 percent more than for the same period of 2012. 85,8 percent of goods turnover are accounted for far abroad countries.

Export is estimated in the sum of 712,3 million dollars, import — 194,6 million dollars.

Export has grown by 26,1 percent — at the expense of increase in volumes of exported chemical and machine-building products. This year more mineral products, textiles, wood are transported from the republic.

Import was reduced by 9,8 percent — at the expense of smaller volumes of imported machine-building products. Also import of mineral products, wood and textile products reduced. The republic buys larger amount of foodstuffs, chemical products, metals from external partners than the last year.

Export-import transactions carried out 388 shippers/consignees of goods — their number has grown by 30. Trade relations were supported with 81 country of the world.

The most active partner of the republic is China. The foreign trade operations with China form 28,7 percent of all export of our republic and 21,1 percent of import. The top five of the most significant export states-partners of Bashkortostan along with China includes also Finland (12,9 percent of export), Indonesia (11), India (7,9) and Ukraine (6,1). In the top five of leading importers China is followed by Germany (14,7 percent), Uzbekistan (11), Italy (10,5) and Japan (5,3).