10 June 2013, Monday, 11:42

Bashkortostan Directorate of Rosselhoznadzor found out 17,5 tons of seed potato without corresponding documents

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Bashkortostan Directorate of Rosselhoznadzor has summed up spring raids on control over quality of seeds and planting stock sold by citizens.

As the press-service of the Directorate informs, it was revealed more than 12,6 thousand bags of seeds of vegetable and flower crops, about 1,7 tons of seed onion, more than 2,5 thousand nursery plants of fruit and berry crops, over 2,3 thousand nursery plants of roses, 730 pieces of flower planting stock and 17,5 tons of seed potato which were sold without any documents certifying their high-quality and sowing qualities, and also with infringement of marking standards.

As a whole, following the results of raids annually spent from the beginning of "summer season", inspectors of Bashkortostan Directorate of Rosselhoznadzor revealed 320 infringements. 172 individuals were hold administratively liable.