05 June 2013, Wednesday, 12:28

Since 2014 banks will be responsible for non-authorised writing-off from accounts of clients

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Since January 1, 2014 banks will be responsible for non-authorised writing-off of means from accounts of clients using electronic payment instruments, the press-service of the National Bank of Bashkortostan Republic informs.

Now banks will be obliged to inform clients about each completed operation. The order of informing, forms (in electronic form or in hard copy), terms and ways of notifying clients by banks (telephone service, sms, e-mail) will be defined in the contract on electronic payment instruments usage.

Large Russian banks within the limits of protection of operations with electronic payment instruments usage pass to technology of multifactor authentication — when besides usual pair "login-password" for entering a profile in the remote banking service system an additional one-time password is required, which is sent by a bank on a mobile phone of the client, or is printed out on the check in a ATM machine or a bank scratch-card, or generated by USB-token.

“All these measures can appear insufficient if clients themselves do not undertake necessary measures on maintenance of safe use of electronic payment instruments,” the experts of the National Bank RB underline.