22 May 2013, Wednesday, 10:38

1500 trees and bushes were planted in "Kandry-Kuhl" Natural Park

author: Galina Bakhshieva

In "Kandry-Kuhl" Natural Park an ecological action on planting of trees under the motto «Forest regeneration is the cause of everyone!» will be held. The action is dated for the All-Russia day of forest planting.

“Pupils of children's ecological and biological city centre of Octyabrsky together with employees of "Kandry-Kuhl" Natural Park planted about 1500 young trees and bushes,” Nina Nikandrova, the press-secretary of the Ministry of Nature Management and Ecology RB informs.

Scale events on gardening in "Kandry-Kuhl" Natural Park are spent annually. For example, in spring last year three thousand pines were planted there. All of them got established and now decorate the territory of the park.