20 May 2013, Monday, 18:05

Novel by Bashkir writer Aydar Khusainov is published in the international literary magazine

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The "Cultur-multur" novel by the Bashkir writer, the editor-in-chief of the “Istoki” newspaper Aydar Khusaino is published in 60th release of the "Kreschatik" international literary magazine.

Life and events of 90-es of the last century are described in the novel. According to the writer, this period was depicted in the novel not casually.

“The end of 90-es it was not just the end of a quarter or a year, it was the end of the century and millenium,” Aydar Khusainov says. “It was important for me to show that terrible atmosphere within each of us lived. Echoes of that time are still with us, and it is fondly to think that all has gone irrevocably. The novel is necessary for public mind to be released from the burdensome past which prevents us living and going forward.”